Seven MS-13 ‘Spark Of Divinity’ Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Fatal Stabbing

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Seven of Nancy Pelosi’s MS-13 ‘Spark of Divinity’ gang banging illegal immigrants have been charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of a Maryland man.

Detectives from the Baltimore County Police Homicide Unit arrested seven suspects, including one juvenile, have been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Daniel Alejandro Alvarado Cuellar.

The seven suspects planned the murder of Cuellar whose body was found in the grass near an apartment building on Loch Raven Boulevard on July 31.

Baltimore’s Chief Medical Examiner has ruled the death a homicide by multiple sharp force injuries.

An ICE official told Fox News on Sunday that six immigration detainees were issued for six of the seven suspects.

The spokeswoman said that six of the seven are in the United States illegally and are members of the violent gang MS-13.

All seven suspects remain held without bail in the Baltimore County Detention Center.

The seven MS-13 ‘Spark of Divinities’ were:

Jonathan Escobar-Hernandez (20) of the 500 block of Castle Drive, 21212
Marlon Leonardo Fabian-Flores (20) of the 4700 block of Hanover Pike, 21102
Edwin Edgardo Garcia-Martir (18) of the unit block of Sargent Court, 21220
Hugo Portillo-Chavez (31) of the 200 block of Hogarth Circle, 21030
Jose Fausto Rivera-Coreas (19) of the 1000 block of Misty Lynn Circle, 21030
Odaliz Rosas-Yanez (20) of the 600 block of Knollcrest Place, 21030
Leonel Alexander Velasquez-Hernadez (16) of the 900 block of Cranbrook Road, 21230

Velasquez-Hernadez who is 16-years-old will be tried as an adult.

All seven could face a life sentence in prison, said officials, who added that others could be charged in the case.

According to the Baltimore Sun, citing charging documents, the MS-13 members stalked Cuellar as he left the laundromat before stabbing him to death.

One killer allegedly had a machete-style knife.

The motive for this homicide remains under investigation.

Nancy Pelosi Spark of Divinity

In May of 2018, President Donald Trump, at a White House discussion on immigration, clearly referred to MS-13 gang members as “animals,” although many mainstream media outlets falsely reported that President Trump was calling ALL illegal immigrants “Animals.”

President Trump used the word “animals” in the following way, after Fresno County sheriff Margaret Mims raised concerns about MS-13 gang members.

Trump commented:

“We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in — and we’re stopping a lot of them — but we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people [MS-13] are.

These aren’t people. These are animals. And we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.”

Even though these fake news outlets were caught red-handed doctoring the video, that showed President Trump clearly calling MS-13 gang members “Animals.”

At the time House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) went right on spreading the fake news media’s lie during her weekly news conference, saying we “believe that…there’s a spark of divinity in every person.”

Of course, no one in the news media, nor Pelosi, or any of her Democrat colleagues were held accountable for their blatant dishonesty.

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